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Eastern Mountain Ranges: Medium Format

Eastern Mountain Ranges: Small Format

GEORGIA: Blue Ridge Appalachian & Smokey Mountain Ridges

GEORGIA: OUT MY BACKDOOR (Literally) Blue Ridge Mountains

New Mexico: Cerro Pedernal B&W Collection

New Mexico: Cerro Pedernal Collection

New Mexico: Fairy Trails B&W Collection

New Mexico: Fairy Trails Collection

New Mexico: Fine Art Gifts Gallery

New Mexico: Fine Arts Gifts Gallery B&W Collection

New Mexico: Grandma's Favorites B&W Collections

New Mexico: Grandma's Favorites Collection

New Mexico: Los Rincones B&W Collection

New Mexico: Los Rincones Collection

New Mexico: Originals B&W Collection

New Mexico: Originals Collection


VIrginia: Blue Ridge & Appalachian Mountains


The Fairy Trail is Real, Folks!

Welcome to My Path

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B&W Study of Spirit's Handiwork

Large format 11X13 hardcover book.

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Through the medium of digital photography and post processing, the Fairy Trails Gallery is dedicated to depicting truth and strength, and purity and beauty that might otherwise be overlooked as simply a lake, or gate, or field. Please see “Aggie’s Artistic Vision” on the drop down "Menu" to learn more about what’s behind my Fairy Trails works.

I’ve been called the Grandma Moses of the American Southwest, and my work described as Southwest Folk Art that portrays primarily, but not exclusively, The Land of Enchantment.

Since discovering New Mexico I have been so enamored of the environment and its people, and so ensconced in the lifestyle (first from necessity and then out of love) that I have spent the intervening years attempting to capture its essence in frame and within my heart.

I created this collection with poetic purpose. (See Aggie's Artistic Vision.) That is how I see life here, and life in general. I attempt to offer Fine Art glimpses into the ancient wisdom and beauty painted within the soul of the Southwest and its people in an effort to depict the same in life and people everywhere. I will continually add to this collection, so I hope you return often.

I am Aggie Villanueva. My company is Cielos Rojos (Red Skies) Photographic Arts. My Fine Arts Gallery is known as Fairy Trails: Portals to Paradise.

I will continually add to this collection, so I hope you return often. And please register so you can save your favorites to your light box, and enter comments and suggestions. You may also contact me anytime at the cabin.

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Aggie Villanueva

Grandma Moses of the American Southwest
Welcome to My Path