Aggie's Artistic Statement

Through the medium of digital photography and post processing, my Fairy Trails Gallery is dedicated to depicting truth and strength, and purity and beauty that might otherwise be overlooked as simply a lake, or a gate, or a flower.

When I stumbled into this realm that is New Mexico, it was as if I’d been called. I discovered a realm where wisdom and vision emanates from every cliff and crag – a realm I’d been warned all my life does not exist. “They” said life isn’t a fairy tale.
But each moment of joy and contentment confirms the fairy tale in spite of dire warnings about “reality.” Each sorrow and pain is endured and overcome because of my belief in the fairy tale. The pain, even more than the joy, reaffirms the sacred trust of that knowledge.

Only in fairy tales do you see TRUTH lived out in daily reality. Only here can you immediately recognize good and evil. Only in this realm does strength and purity always win, and evil perpetually lose; a kingdom where goodness is revered and rewarded, while evil is exposed and punished.

Ever accused of seeing life through rose-colored glasses — of living in a fairy tale, I began my love affair with the camera because, as all artists, I see things others don’t seem to see, and long to capture it. Yet I was always disappointed when resulting photos didn't look at all the way I saw them. I thought my camera was defective! And then, on the dawn of that glorious era when I discovered “post-processing” I tumbled headlong into a means to allow others to see life as I see it, if they care to.

Yes, life indeed is a fairy tale, if we are strong and pure and brave enough to preserve it as it was gifted to us. Evil will banish it, but not eternally. Love always provides a route out of the darkness of Neverneverland. And Fairy Trails is just that; a return entryway to paradise.

The Fairy Trail is real, folks. 
Welcome To My Path.

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